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Cilantro Scallion Herbed Ricotta


Perfect blend of fresh diced scallions and cilantro, mixed in with rich creamy lightly salted Ricotta. Best used as a spread on crackers, an essential in veggie wraps, mixed in with a fresh mesclun mix, or on top of nachos and burritos.

"The ricotta from Crooked Face Creamery is perfectly rich and smooth. It's fresh flavor makes it an increasingly popular Fatty add-on. We've also been using it in our dipping sauce for hot wings and the flavor balance is unique and addicting. It's versatility makes it a staple for us. We love it!"

- Polly & Rob Mac, Rolling Fatties

Why is my Ricotta different?

I have been making whole milk Ricotta for over 14 years, and over time have combined techniques from a variety of traditional recipes to perfectly convert the rich in butterfat whole milk to rich flavorful Ricotta. The fresh herbs and light bit of salt takes the flavor of this cheese and sends it over the moon.

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