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Your Ricotta is Gold.

— Erin French, The Lost Kitchen

Amy's craft cheeses at Crooked Face Creamery are a staple in the kitchen here at Bigelow Brewing Company. Last week we featured her curds, and this week its whole milk ricotta. We are so lucky to have such a talent in our community!

— Erik Levine, The Kitchen at Bigelow Brewery

Amy, I used the ricotta with pickled beets, cold smoked black pepper salmon and fresh dill on our in house made ciabatta. It melted my face…I can say, without hesitation, that you have the skills, the marketing and talent to truly elevate your profile among artisan cheese makers in New England.

— Shannon Tallman, Specialty Cheese Buyer, Whole Foods

The BEST cheese you could ever eat.

— Jess Beer

Those porterhouse steaks were amazing (I tagged you on Instagram).  We had one guest that had never had beef that wasn’t from Hannaford. She didn’t know what ‘real’ beef tasted like! We were even lucky enough to have leftovers to have steak with our eggs. We’ll be back for more...Also, I really can’t get enough of your ricotta. I eat it with pie, on sandwiches, in eggs...  by the spoonful... It’s amazing. 

- Alicia Rice

I. Love. Your Smoked Ricotta. We just had some tonight with a fabulous spaghetti and meatballs that I made.

— Kate Hayford

Best ricotta cheese EVER. You can taste the smokiness. Such a yummy snack with crackers. I’ve also had it in a dish featured by The Miller’s Table - a pesto and ricotta ravioli - and the cheese was just as yummy cooked!

— Tiffany Clark

I've been a fan of all things cheese my whole life, but until I ate a cracker with a sample of Amy's herbed ricotta, I never would have thought of ricotta as a spread. I've only ever used it in recipes. Now I'm hooked. I buy different flavors of ricotta each time I get to the farmer's market. I served two different flavors with crackers as an appetizer for Christmas dinner and it was a big hit. This week I got Rosemary Basil, my favorite. It's so delicious, perfect for a light, before-dinner-treat with a glass of wine. Thank you Amy!

— Ellen Granville Boucher

So this Lovely cheesemaker is at my farmers market in Belgrade Lakes every Sunday. I tried her pesto riccota...OMG! SO happy hour was on my deck. I covet that cheese so much I only put out half on my cheese board cuz I knew it would get scarfed up!! Try it!! You'll get addicted too!

— Mary Papaj

We love Crooked Face Creamery and look forward to enjoying your products when we visit during the summer. And we love wearing our sweatshirts way down here in Charleston, SC!

— Nicole Elizabeth Sloan

We are thrilled!  Haven’t tasted ricotta this unctuous, creamy, and delicious since we were in Italy many years ago! Products like yours, made with enormous skill and obvious great care, have made life more meaningful during this past pandemic year!  Thank you! 

- Margaret Batten

Wonderful cheese. I used the smoked ricotta on this beet and citrus winter salad. I heard it was the best salad I ever made! Particularly because of the cheese. 

- Kristin Watson Parenteau 

Thank you so much for your delicious ricotta cheese.  Tastes like you put a lot of love [and time] into each package. 

- Ritamarie Macadino

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