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1. When will my order ship?

Excited to announce I can now sell out of state! 

All orders must be placed by Monday by Noon for delivery that week. Orders are only shipped by mid-week, never over the weekend. If an order is placed after Monday at Noon, it MAY get pushed to the next week. Our whole milk Ricotta line is always pasteurized, and is made fresh at least once a week. Our hard cheeses are aged at least 60 days. Please see FAQ page for more details.

Orders are always processed within 5 business days. 

Expedited or custom orders are available upon special request, we do our best to accommodate our customers.

2. Do you make this cheese?

I do! All of my cheese are made with my own two hands from scratch using local whole Jersey milk here in Maine. Since the beginning, I have managed the cheesemaking as well as the all sales and marketing. I love every piece of this business, most importantly customer satisfaction.

3. Where do you make this?

I make all of my cheeses at my new location in downtown Skowhegan at 42 Court Street, located in the same facility as Maine Grains and The Miller's Table Cafe. We also have a retail store at this location, open Thursday - Saturday from 10am-2pm.

4. How did you learn to make cheese, and how long have you been in business?

I have been in business for over ten years. I am self taught, learned by trial and error, reading books, taking classes, etc. I started out making cheese at nights and on the weekends and worked full time in sales and marketing for the first 4 years. Then I got busier on the farm and began to work in cheese more full-time until it became my career.

5. Why don’t you make more styles of cheese?

My theory is to make a few cheeses and make them very well. Due to the amount of variables associated with successfully making every type of cheese, and the amount of money needed to invest in the proper equipment, supplies, ingredients, etc. I made the decision in the very beginning to find a niche, make a few cheeses that no one else is making, to be different, so specialize in cheeses that will be my signatures. I did a lot of R&D, made a wide variety of cheeses, held cheese tastings with family and friends, and continued to narrow down the styles that I wanted to hone in on. The pressed whole milk Ricotta and Gouda-style cheeses came out in the end as my winners and seven years later, I’m still making those cheeses and continually working on expanding my markets.

6. Are you organic?

My cheeses are not organic. They are hand made with the highest quality all natural ingredients. I use local whole Jersey milk from Springdale Farm, a dairy in Waldo, committed to family farming, raising healthy beautiful cows, and producing I’d say the highest quality Jersey milk in the state of Maine. 

7. What type of packaging do you use?

After years of trying different packaging solutions, I have finally found a new to market sustainable high quality paper called Ovtene. This paper is 100% recyclable, and the first food packaging paper that not only extends the quality and characteristics of the product, but also restricts the growth of bacteria. I used this paper for all of my retail and most of my wholesale packaging.

8. Can you freeze your Smoked or Herbed Ricotta?

Yes, absolutely. Just take the cheese out of the freezer the day before you want to use it and let it thaw out in the fridge.