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Crooked Face Creamery: Where Family, Tradition, and Award-Winning Cheese Collide 

There's a reason they say there's no place like home. Crooked Face Creamery captures that feeling in every bite. Nestled amidst the rolling hills of Skowhegan, Maine, our story begins with Amy Rowbottom, a farmer by heritage and a cheesemaker by passion. 

A Legacy of Love with Up North Roots 

Amy Rowbottom was raised in a farming family, surrounded by Maine’s rolling farmland sprouted a deep love for local agriculture. After a few years of fast-paced city life, Amy decided to plant her roots on familiar soil. She returned to Skowhegan, Maine, and established a dairy farm of her own. This growing appreciation for fresh, local ingredients ignited a passion within her. Amy felt a powerful desire to create something truly unique, a product that not only celebrated the farm’s bounty but also embodied the community she loved. 

A Passion for Perfection 

Fueled by a deep love for local agriculture and a desire to create something special, she established a dairy farm and embarked on a cheesemaking journey. Between visits to local dairy farms and burgeoning farmers' markets, Amy developed her unique mix of award-winning cheeses. A year of straight experimentation, fueled by countless family cheese-tastings helped Crooked Face Creamery fine-tune its products. Every bite of our cheese is a little taste of home-grown love, from Up North! 

Every ingredient, down to the very last teaspoon, is meticulously chosen for each batch.  

Crooked Face Creamery is the embodiment of the place, the animals, and the people who make it all possible. It's the quirky personalities that inhabit the farm, the gentle hum of contented cows, and the laughter that fills the air during cheese tasting sessions. It's about bringing a taste of home, wherever you are, with every single bite. 

How Crooked Face Became a Big Cheese 

Launching a smoked ricotta that took the company’s sales to new heights, Amy knew it was time to take her passion project to the next level. An increase in size means a larger capacity for wholesale production but also led to many retail sales, a pleasant surprise.  

Today, you can find the cheese with baked-in local love at or in person at 42 Court Street, Skowhegan, Maine. Crooked Face Creamery isn't just cheese, it's a dedication to excellence. Explore the award-winning collection and discover the difference that handcrafted passion can make. 

“At the end of the day, after selling cheese and talking to customers and seeing their reaction, it lifts me up, no matter what kind of day I’ve had. It just feels right.”