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Grass Fed Beef

We bought a chuck roast from Amy for St. Patrick's day corned beef and it was by far the best beef we've ever had!  Sometimes grass fed beef can be very lean but the roasts had nice marbling and every piece was eaten up! 
—Dustin & Natasha Colby, Spruce Mill Farm & Kitchen

The Rowbottom’s raise grass-fed as well as grain finished beef on their 125 acres of beautiful pasture on the River Road in Norridgewock along the Kennebec River. All cuts sold at our local farmers’ market and wholesale accounts are grass fed. Any cow purchased by the quarter, half or whole can be separated from the grass fed herd to be grain finished. We use Luce’s Meats in Anson and Maple Lane Farms in Charleston to butcher all of our animals, but a butcher shop can also be chosen by the customer, along with cutting and wrapping instructions. The butcher must be selected as early as possible in order to be sure an appointment can be made. Amy can recommend a butcher and assist in securing dates.

In 2018, we’ll be selling our meat by the cut at the Skowhegan Farmers’ Market on Saturdays from 9am-1pm and the Belgrade Market on Sundays from the third Sunday in June to the second Sunday in September from 8am-1pm

Individual cuts are also sold off the farm if you call ahead, and special orders can be placed anytime by calling Amy at 858-5096

Price List

Soup Bones $6 lb
Liver $6 lb
Ground Beef $7 lb
Stew Meat $7 lb
Shaved Steak $8 lb
Bottom Round Roast $8 lb
Eye of the Round Roast $8 lb
Rump Roast $8 lb
Top Round Roast/Steak $8 lb
Minute Steaks $10 lb
Skirt, Flank or Flat Iron Steak $13 lb
New York Sirloin $13 lb
Porterhouse Steak $16 lb
Rib Eye $18 lb
T-Bone Steak $16 lb
Tenderloin $22 lb

Special Packages

The Tailgater

2 steaks • 1 (3 lb) roast • 2 lbs of hamburg or stew meat

Slow Cooker I

1 rump roast • 2 packages of short ribs

Slow Cooker II

2 (3 lb) Roasts

Grill Master

3 steaks

Stew Special

1 soup bone • 2 lbs stew meat

Meat Lover

3 lbs ground beef • 2 lbs stew


2 lbs of liver • 1 steak • 1 lb ground beef