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Artisan Cheese

When I'm making cheese, I feel like I'm doing exactly what I should be. Funny thing is, I never would have imagined myself to be a cheesemaker. I grew up on this dairy farm, and never once thought of making cheese. I did, however, love the “stuff.” I recall eating macaroni and cheese sometimes more than once a day. My sister told me it wasn’t healthy, so I’d eat an apple after every bowl because I thought it might cancel out the unhealthiness. That was my rational when I was six years old. I look back now and realize that powdery substance was literally just “stuff.” Since then, my palate has experienced much more sophisticated flavors.

My road to understanding and making artisan cheese has been interesting and unpredictable. But here I am, in my early 30’s making cheese and loving every moment of it. Fresh out of college I worked in publishing, then Web Marketing, to Sales, Business Management and Bookkeeping. I’ve loved all my jobs in one way or another. But...

The day I started making cheese, everything changed for me. Nothing compares to the feeling I get when a customer walks up to my booth, tastes a sample, smiles and tells me how delicious it is. That’s it for me. It doesn’t get any better than that.

My creamery is located at my parent’s old dairy farm. The design is pretty simple but I have big ideas for this place. The property has a lot of potential, and still a lot of life left in the dusty old 1800‘s post and beam barn. My hope is to continue renovating the barn into an office, storefront and enclosed smokehouse for my own smoking and for smoking other artisanal goods for local farmers’ and crafters. Stay up to date on what’s happening at the farm by signing up for my newsletter or following me on Instagram or Facebook.

What people are saying...

"Your ricotta is gold!!!"

"My favorite is your smoked ricotta which is so soft, rich and fresh. I can see myself using it in so many ways! The perfect spring cheese."

"Thanks for doing what you do and for doing it so well! People are loving your cheese. We did a cantaloupe salad this week with radicchio, rabbit confit, basil and lime. So good!

"Your cheese was LOVED this week! So many customers commented on the rosemary gouda."