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Applewood Smoked Gouda-Style Cheese

A signature cheese, distinct, delicious, aged with a natural rind...

Through months and months of research, testing recipes, and eating an enormous amount of cheese, I came up with my signature Gouda-style cheese. It’s aged at least 60 days, and is not as mild as a traditional Gouda. Aging with a natural rind I have found gives the cheese a bit more bite, slightly drier and not as spongy as a traditional gouda, yet maintains the creaminess and buttery flavor.

My Smoked Gouda is smoked with local organic Applewood in a custom made smoker designed by Maine Wood Heat Co. The low heat and slow cold smoke results in a savory unique flavor. It’s incredibly versatile – perfect as a table cheese, as well as in grilled sandwiches, burgers, omelets, salads and pasta. 

"You can tell how much love and care goes into each small batch of artisan cheese, all the way from the packaging to the rind to all of the flavors. It pairs well with just about anything; fruit platters, bread trays, with wine, on pizza.... or just by itself! We're lucky to have such big talent in our small towns!"

- Natasha Colbry, Spruce Mill Farm & Kitchen

Limited availability. Aged at least 60 days. For larger orders, by the wheel, etc. please contact me at

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